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In the night garden...a musical journey...The Album

In the night garden...a musical journey...The Album


In the Night Garden is about a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination. Words, rhymes and music carry the viewer through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense. Following on from the massively successful In the Night Garden DVD release comes the long awaited album containing music and narrative leading the listener on a musical journey through the Night Garden.

1 In the Night Garden Opening Theme 2 Oh No! It's The Ninky Nonk! 3 Hello Igglepiggle! 4 Igglepiggle Goes For A Walk 5 Hello Upsy Daisy! 6 Upsy Daisy Kisses Everything In The Garden 7 Tittifers Verse 1 8 It's The Tombliboos' House! 9 Tombliboo Bricks 10 Tittifers Verse 2 11 Hello Makka PAkka! 12 Catch Makka Pakka's Og-Pog! 13 Tittifers Verse 3 14 Hello Pontipines! 15 The Pontipines Go For A Walk 16 The Pinky Ponk 17 Where Is The Pinky Ponk Going? 18 The Haahoos 19 Everybody Loves Jumping! 20 Tittifers Verse 4 21 Time For Tombliboos To Clean their Teeth 22 The Night Garden Dance 23 The Tittifers Bedtime Song 24 Time To Go To Sleep.... 25 In the Night Garden Closing Theme

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