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100 Children's Songs 3 CD collection

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100 Children's Songs 3 CD set
100 Children's Songs 3 CD set
100 Children's Songs 3 CD set
100 Children's Songs 3 CD set

A fantastic 3 CD set of nursery rhymes and kids songs old and new. Guaranteed to entertain for the full 3 hours playing time

Disc 1

1. Shake it up 2. Twinkle twinkle little star 3. The sun has got his hat on 4. John Brown's baby 5. Do re mi 6. One potato two potato 7. A sailor went to sea sea sea 8. Cha cha slide 9. This is the way we drive our car 10. Incy wincy spider 11. London's burning 12. The farmer's in his den 13. We all clap hands together 14. Seven little pigs went to market 15. She sells sea shells 16. Rock a bye baby 17. Baa baa black sheep 18. Sailor's hornpipe 19. Witch Doctor 20. Mummy's taking us in the car car 21. Summer holiday 22. Let's go fly a kite 23. On top of spaghetti 24. Cobbler cobbler mend my shoe 25. La Cucaracha 26. Dem bones 27. If you take a piece of wood 28. Remember you're a Womble 29. You brush your teeth 30. Song twisters 31. My arms have parts that bend and move 32. Down at the station 33. The wheels on the bus 34. Let's be happy

Disc 2

1. Under the sea 2. I'm a gummy bear 3. Hokey Cokey 4. All the pretty little horses 5. Farm ho down 6. There were ten in the bed 7. How much is that doggie in the window? 8. Peter played with one hammer 9. The north wind doth blow 10. Ten little squirrels 11. Dingle dangle scarecrow 12. Early one morning 13. The grand old Duke of York 14. Zum gali gali 15. Veo veo 16. Seagull seagull sit on the shore 17. I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee 18. Little Mousie Brown 19. London Bridge is falling down 20. Rattlesnake band 21. One elephant went out to play 22. Here is the beehive 23. One two buckle my shoe 24. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas 25. Everybody knows I love my toes 26. Lavender's blue 27. Slippery Sam 28. 5 brown biscuits in a baker's shop 29. Hey little hen 30. We all scream for ice cream 31. One finger one thumb keep moving 32. Wind the bobbin up 33. Old Macdonald

Disc 3

1. If you're happy and you know it 2. Peanut butter jelly time 3. Yellow submarine 4. Day oh! 5. Star light star bright 6. Don't bother me 7. Halfway up the stairs 8. It's a small world 9. If you're gonna travel far 10. There was a crooked man 11. Frere Jaques 12. I'd like to teach the world to sing 13. Hot cross buns 14. The house that Jack built 15. I think I've seen a submarine 16. I'm a little teapot 17. Kum ba yah 18. Lily the Pink 19. Three jolly fisherman 20. Mud, mud, glorious mud 21. Lavender's blue 22. The seaside 23. There was a Princess long ago 24. You're a pink toothbrush 25. Three blind mice 26. Underground, overground (Wombles) 27. Ging gang goolie 28. Let's twist again 29. This is the way I wash my hands 30. Five little reindeer 31. I wanna be like you 32. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf 33. Row, row, row your boat




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Happy Parents

I really love them. They help me during the meal times as my princess loves listening to them and dancing of moving her hands. A big collection that keeps children away from tv addiction. I'd rather her listening to the music and dancing and smiling when listening to the music. Nice decision to add some tales, when she grows up, they will help me a lot, I think. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   (Children's Favourite Songs 6 CD set)

Rubi (

 Would highly recommend to anyone have difficulties and especially for children who cannot express themselves through words but through exercises. Thank you we’ve enjoyed every minute of using this CD so far.  (Meditation and Relaxation for Kids CD)

Sarah Carter (

 Wanted a DVD for our 2yr old grandson who loves dancing and marching and copying the other children. Bought this as it had great reviews -- and he loves it. Love the fact that the children are out and about at the zoo, beach, farm etc. Will now be buying the others in the collection.  (The Wheels on the Bus DVD)

Polly (