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Heads shoulders knees and toes & Silly Songs USB STICK

Ideal for the car or laptop!

35 MP3 FILES ON ONE 125MB USB STICK plus COVER ARTWORK PDF for you to view or print

Ideal for the car or laptop!!

Playing time 70 minutes


  1. Hokey Cokey
  2. John Brown's Baby
  3. 1,2,345
  4. This old man
  5. Five little monkeys
  6. Jump and Shout
  7. If you're happy and you know it
  8. Music Man
  9. Heads shoulders knees and toes 
  10. Don't bother me 
  11. One finger one thumb keep moving 
  12. We're doing it right 
  13. Ten fat sausages 
  14. Prehistoric Animal Brigade 
  15. Here we go round the mulberry bush 
  16.  Alison's camel 
  17. Looby Lou 


  1. Supercalifragilistic
  2. Bananas in Pyjamas 
  3. Miss Polly had a dolly
  4. Song twisters
  5. Michael Finnigin
  6. She sells sea shells on the sea shore 
  7. La Cuccaracha 
  8.  If you're gonna travel far 
  9. Polly wolly doodle 
  10. Mairzy doats and dozy doats 
  11. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck 
  12. There was a man lived in the moon 
  13. Mrs Macaroni
  14. Do your ears hang low? 
  15. Purple people eater
  16. I am a weed 
  17. Miss Mary Mac
  18. I think I've seen a submarine 


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Happy Parents

I really love them. They help me during the meal times as my princess loves listening to them and dancing of moving her hands. A big collection that keeps children away from tv addiction. I'd rather her listening to the music and dancing and smiling when listening to the music. Nice decision to add some tales, when she grows up, they will help me a lot, I think. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   (Children's Favourite Songs 6 CD set)

Rubi (

 Would highly recommend to anyone have difficulties and especially for children who cannot express themselves through words but through exercises. Thank you we’ve enjoyed every minute of using this CD so far.  (Meditation and Relaxation for Kids CD)

Sarah Carter (

 Wanted a DVD for our 2yr old grandson who loves dancing and marching and copying the other children. Bought this as it had great reviews -- and he loves it. Love the fact that the children are out and about at the zoo, beach, farm etc. Will now be buying the others in the collection.  (The Wheels on the Bus DVD)

Polly (