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Sound Asleep for Babies

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Classical music designed by Dr Elizabeth Scott to help your baby to naturally fall off to sleep


Classical Music magazine RECORD OF THE YEAR "- it works a treat"

Each part of the CD is a complete remedy for the healthy howler who won't go to sleep. The opening catches baby's attention and the music, designed to mimic the brainwave rate of children falling asleep, encourages them to drift into the deep restorative stages of sleep. Make sure baby is fed, warm and lying comfortably on his back. Then put on the CD. The more it becomes part of baby's nightly routine the more effective it will be. The music, chosen with care, is not only a constant delight to mother and child but may give a growing baby the increased awareness that listening to classical music is now thought to do.

PART ONE (piano solo)  Dr Gradus ad Parnassum - Debussy Little Prelude in C minor - J S Bach Solfeggietto - P E Bach Little Prelude in F major - J S Bach Opus 94 No 2 - Sibelius Little Prelude in F major - J S Bach Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel Opus 90 No 3 - Schubert Opus 13 Second Movement - Beethoven

PART TWO (piano & violin) Rumanian Dances Nos 5 & 6 - Bartok Etude - F David Pas de Deux from Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky Opus 8 No 1 Spring first momement - Vivaldi Little Prelude in C - J S Bach Prelude in C Major - J S Bach The Fountain - Henselt Opus 8 No 4 Winter Slow Movement - Vivaldi



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Happy Parents

I really love them. They help me during the meal times as my princess loves listening to them and dancing of moving her hands. A big collection that keeps children away from tv addiction. I'd rather her listening to the music and dancing and smiling when listening to the music. Nice decision to add some tales, when she grows up, they will help me a lot, I think. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   (Children's Favourite Songs 6 CD set)

Rubi (

 Would highly recommend to anyone have difficulties and especially for children who cannot express themselves through words but through exercises. Thank you we’ve enjoyed every minute of using this CD so far.  (Meditation and Relaxation for Kids CD)

Sarah Carter (

 Wanted a DVD for our 2yr old grandson who loves dancing and marching and copying the other children. Bought this as it had great reviews -- and he loves it. Love the fact that the children are out and about at the zoo, beach, farm etc. Will now be buying the others in the collection.  (The Wheels on the Bus DVD)

Polly (